VMS - Features

The Valet Management System is a complete back-office for Event Management and Contract Valets. Intuitive screens and an extensive help system make VMS easy to use and quick to learn. Click on the topics below to learn more.

Managing Events

VMSís Main Screen shows the upcoming Events for a week at a time. Events are color-coded to indicate their status: Events marked with yellow have been quoted but not yet confirmed. Green Events have been confirmed, and green with an S in means that the Event is short-staffed. Entries on the Main Screen without a color-code are Contract locations, such as a hotel or restaurant.

The system has extensive search capabilities, making it easy to find Events, Customers, Personnel, or an Invoice.

Setting up Events is easy with a user-friendly interface, and an extensive help system explains the fields and options on each screen.

Building Quotes

For each Event, VMS enables you to manage Valet Services and Transportation Services separately, in case you have different groups of people in charge of different services.

When quoting Valet Services, you may build the estimate using high and low estimates of cars and valets.

When quoting Transportation Services, you may quote multiple vehicles, each with its own pricing structure, as well as any additional services you wish to include in the quote.

For both Valet and Transportation Services, you may print a detailed contract for the customer. As with all reports in VMS, this may be printed, or it may be emailed directly from within VMS. The background of the contracts (and invoices) are fully customizable with your logos and verbiage.

If you have a customer who hosts a certain event each year, you may build the quote for this yearís event by copying the quote from a previous event. With VMS, this is a click of a button, rather than searching through paper files.


VMS makes it easy to forecast the staff and vehicles needed for upcoming events. The system has reports that show the positions and vehicles required, and whether each position has been staffed, and each vehicle assigned to a Fleet Vehicle or Subcontractor.

In addition to scheduling Personnel, Fleet Vehicles, and Subcontractors for your events, you may also schedule parking on lots your company controls. VMS prevents you from scheduling personnel with overlapping assignments, and will even warn you if two assignments for a person are too close together.

All the people, Subcontractors, and Fleet Vehicles youíve scheduled, plus any notes relevant to the Event, Customer, Parking, and Venue, will be printed on the Managerís Sheet, which is the main reference material for the onsite Event Manager. This sheet also contains space to record the actual times people worked, for later entry to billing and payroll.


After the Event is complete, a detailed invoice may be prepared through the Close-Out process. For personnel, both billable and payroll time may be entered for reporting.

VMS provides complete receivables management, including aged balance reporting. Deposits, Payments, and Adjustments are entered against specific Events and Invoices, and extensive audit trails are provided for all data entry.


If some of your Customers are Event Planners or Catering companies, VMS can track multiple contact personnel for each. For each Customer, you may track the percentage of Discounts they are entitled to, and the percentage of Deposit they are required to make for each Event. You may quickly see the Events, Invoices, and Contract Locations for each Customer.

Security Manager

The VMS Security Manager enables you to designate activities each user is allowed to perform, such as editing Events, Scheduling Personnel, and Entering Payments. The Security Manager uses the Windows Logon User ID, so there is no need for a separate VMS User ID.

This is only a brief overview of the system's many functions. Please request a trial copy of VMS, or contact us for more information.