Paris Introduction - Introduction

PARIS, the Parker Accounts Receivable Information System, is the premier billing and accounts receivables system for people who own or operate parking facilities with monthly contract parking, permits, or billed validations.

With PARIS, you can easily:

  • Ensure that all active access cards are being billed
  • Ensure compliance with lease terms, including future rate escalations, minimum billings, and parker limits
  • Calculate prorations for new and terminating parkers
  • Collect automatic monthly payments through recurring credit card charges and bank drafts

Because PARIS was built specifically for the parking industry, it offers features no generic receivables system can; such as tracking parkers by building tenant, category (reserved, non-reserved, etc.), and access card. Rate increases may be scheduled to automatically take effect in the future. PARIS manages your Waiting List, and produces charts and reports tailored for the management and audit of monthly parkers.

PARIS is available either as a standalone system, or integrated with many popular card access systems. With an integrated system, PARIS becomes the front end for the card access system, eliminating duplicate key entry and allowing you to automatically block parkers for non-payment.

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