Paris Integrations - Integrations

With PARIS integrated with your card access system, you no longer turn cards on and off with the access software. Instead, cards are automatically turned on as parkers are added to the billing system, and turned off when parkers are terminated from billing. On the Parker Edit screen, note the Effective Date and Termination Date fields. A parker's access card will only begin working to enter the garage on the Effective Date, and won't work after the Termination Date (if one is entered).

You may also mark accounts to be automatically blocked from the garage for non-payment, and unblock their cards with the click of a mouse when payment is received.

PARIS is available integrated with card access systems from SkiData, Federal APD, Amano McGann, DataPark, Scheidt-Bachmann, CTR, T.I.B.A., WPS, Ticketech, Parking BOXX, ZEAG, and Open Options.