Paris FAQs - FAQs

Can I restrict the number of active parkers an account has?
You may restrict the number of active parkers for each Account, Tenant, or per the Contract terms.

How does PARIS calculate prorations for new and terminating parkers?
Each garage may be set to calculate prorations by the half-month, on a daily basis, or on a 5-day-week basis, which is like calculating a daily rate, but not including weekends in the number of days in the month.

Does PARIS track Reserved Space assignment?
Yes, and PARIS also keeps complete history on which parkers an Access Card has been assigned to.

My facility offers new parker promotions: a certain number of months at a reduced rate, then the rate changes to the regular rate. Can PARIS automate the rate change?
Yes, when you set the account up, you'd indicate which Promotion to use and PARIS would bill the account under a reduced-rate contract for a set number of months, then switch to the regular-rate contract.

Can I control functions by user in PARIS?
Yes, PARIS has a security manager that allows the administrator to specify what locations a user can see, and what they are allowed to do in each.

Does PARIS support multiple concurrent users?
Absolutely, either across your local LAN or using Terminal Server or Citrix to provide remote access.

What database does PARIS use?
PARIS supports MS Access, SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, and DB2.

Does PARIS integrate with Geneva?
Yes, payments may be exported from Paris to create a Cashier Report in Geneva.