Geneva - Introduction

Geneva is an enterprise-wide revenue management system, built specifically for the parking industry. The system replaces spreadsheets used for ticket tracking, revenue analysis, budgeting, and rate projections, and posts results directly into your General Ledger.  Geneva gives upper management instant insight into operational details, frees operations management from tedious report production, and ensures the accuracy, consistency, and ready availability of historical data.

Geneva uses Tickets Issued data, Cashier Reports, and statistical information to automatically produce reports such as the Ticket Summary with its Lost Ticket analysis, the Daily Statistics Report, and the Revenue Summary, which your staff most likely are having to produce with spreadsheets. Geneva can post the revenue information, plus your Bank Deposits, directly to your General Ledger.

Geneva also helps reconcile your bank accounts, calculates parking revenue budgets, and makes eye-catching charts for client presentations with the click of a button.

Geneva's functions also include customer violation tracking, bad check tracking, and parking rate projection analysis.

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