Geneva FAQs - FAQs

How does Geneva post to my General Ledger?
An export program extracts transactions from Geneva and either posts them directly to your General Ledger database, or writes them to a file for import to the General Ledger. The approach varies between General Ledger packages.

Can you customize the format of the Cashier Report?
Absolutely. For each location, there is a simple screen to set up the Cashier Report template. You use this to specify the ticket values, the types of non-ticket revenue (monthlies, car washes, etc.), the non-cash receipts (credit card payments, etc.), and the General Ledger account each should post to.

Does Geneva include Lost Ticket Analysis?
Yes. The difference between Tickets Issued and Tickets Cashiered (after taking the beginning and ending car inventory into account) is called Unaccounted Tickets, and you'll see that number on the Ticket Summary and Daily Statistics reports.

Does Geneva support multiple concurrent users?
Absolutely, either across your local LAN or using Terminal Server or Citrix to provide remote access.

What database does Geneva use?
Geneva supports MS Access, SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, and DB2.